Knife Making Inspiration From Custom Knife Maker Lloyd Harding

This is a tribute to Lloyd Harding, Western Australian Master knife maker, 1921 to 2003.

It is only a small sample of his work, much of it is unrecorded.

It is intended to give inspiration and practical assistance to new and established makers.

104 templates and 300 drawings have been scanned to scale to allow them to be printed as templates.

All are free to copy provided the due credit is given to Lloyd Harding and copies are distributed free of charge with intention of assisting the art of knife making and remembrance of a true craftsman and gentleman. Not for sale or profit.

Downloading and Reading PDF File’s

These PDF Files are provided for your convenience and Knife Making activities ,please enjoy

stick Tang 01 Full tang s01 Full tang g01 full tang 10 Full tang 07 Full tang 06 Full tang 05Full tang 03 Full tang 02 Full tang 01

To download the file, right click on the link and choose Save As.

To open/read the file, right click on the link and choose Open in New Tab. The .pdf file should open automatically.


How Australian Knife Club Came To Be

So why is Australian Knife called Australian Knife Club, Well back in early 1980’s when I was a fitting and turning apprentice I worked on large end of year shutdown’s when companies would do a total plant refit and often we had to cut industrial insulation out on job sites, this stuff was tough and all our knives were far too small,

So I was told Graham go find the maintenance workshop and see if they have a power hacksaw and bring us the blade, these things are 18-24 inches long and 3/16 thick ,after a little searching in a huge deserted plant I found the workshop and the power hacksaw so I quietly removed the blade and headed back ,”Excellent boy” I was told “come with me I’ll show you how to make a knife, “after about 20 mins grinding and a quick rub on a lapping stone a we had a razor sharp knife .

At that time I was the only apprentice so the job fell to me to find the blades and grind them, the boss noticed me making knives and  said “you’ve made yourself a great collection of knives there mate.”From that point on, it was on, for young and old knives were being produced at a fantastic rate, So i just added ian to the company name Austral and that’s how Australian Knife Club came to be

I’ve now been a tradesman for 37 years, and been making knives all that time recently I slowed right down due to a few vision issues, I now teach others, not just how to make knives but the engineering techniques behind it, Australian Knife will cater for knife makers of all skill levels but I place particular importance on novice knife makers.

The home page of Australian Knife Club is made up of knives tools and equipment made by the member’s of Australian Knife Club by member I mean any body that has ever interacted with the page, these people have made the Facebook page what it is today. Australian Knife Club will be showcasing these members to show what can be achieved , a fair proportion of you are novice's and the site will be like the Facebook Page just far more in depth it will also give a better way to concentrate on novice knife makers, with you experienced blokes lending a hand to.


Australian Knife Club Admin's, Contributor's & Member's Knives

Tony's Bladesmithing

Tony Earwaker Senior Facebook Admin At Australian Knife Club VIP'S

My Bladesmithing Journey

I was born and bred in Townsville, I joined the Army as an apprentice Fitter/Armourer at the age of 17 and after 23 years of service in the Army I was discharged. To help me adapt to civilian life I enrolled with Karim Hadaad at Tharwa Valley Forge just outside of Canberra an excellent experience indeed, Karim was an excellent teacher.

The rest is history.

My family and I moved back to Townsville where I do knife making as a hobby to keep me busy. I make knives using both forging and stock removal method, I use both carbon and stainless steels and I do all my own work including both leather and kydex sheaths,

Daniel Gill Heirloom Knives

I am Daniel of Daniel Gill Heirloom Knives. I make knives, as tools, and as practical art. I like to think of my work as heirlooms - handed down and connecting generations, valued and taken care of, serving many generations.

I grew up in the bush without electricity, where I learned the value of the right tool for the right job. I learned to take note of how certain size's, shapes, and balanced tools worked.

The first knife I worked on was one I found in the dirt at a friends property, an "American Eagle Skinner". The original handle was so sun damaged I couldn't tell if it was wood or bone, so I thought it would make a nice gift for my Mum after a little restoration, I put a nice set of ebony scales on it, and shaped them for her hand. My journey in knifemaking and Knife art began that day, and has evolved from there . I only use the best materials and take no shortcuts in my pursuit of creating the blade of your dreams.

Odins Reach

Odin's Arms is located in rural central Victoria Australia, a beautiful place that inspires creativity of the mind and my goal is to achieve the finest quality Australian made Damascus steel.

When you purchase from Odin's Arms you're steel is ready to go, soft and annealed, easy to work with and less drag on grinders and belt's.

As an Australian company we stand by our work, and our customers, we are always ready to support and offer information with all aspects of your knife making regardless of your skill level

I use top quality new steel and start from the beginning and control all aspects of the process to deliver a quality piece.

We are a small outfit and love a challenge, custom pieces, crazy patterns and weird requests are our speciality.

odinsarmsforge@gmail or message through facebook.We have knives for sale and knife kits in Damascus, San Mai or carbon steel. We have a fast shipping time frame and always send express. You can contact us directly with.