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Knife Making Supplies,Tutorials & Resources

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Gameco Artisan Supplies

Be a creator of your own art! Gameco Artisan Supplies is a supplier of specialist materials and supplies for Black Smithing, Knife Making, Ceramics, Leather Working, Cosplay, Kilns and Model Making.

Be a creator of your own art! Gameco Artisan Supplies is a supplier of specialist materials and supplies for Black Smithing, Knifemaking, Ceramics, Leather Working, Cosplay, Kilns and Model Making.



Knife Making Supplies Worldwide,Tutorials & Resources.


Discover stunning custom knives! Throughout history, knives of untold number of styles, materials and designs have been carried as tools, weapons and adornments and each knife has a distinct attraction all its own.

The pages of Knives 2019, 39th Edition give you the most elite group of knives and makers that the world of knives has to offer. Knives 2019 showcases blades of every class and style with more than 800

This book provides everything you need to know to get a head start on becoming a blade smith. This book is heavily illustrated with over 250 full-colour photographs. The text details every aspect of the craft and provides step-by-step instructions as well as teaches tricks of the trade that will make each build a little easier.

The book is designed to not only explain each step but also visually depict the process. The book is written for the layman and details making a full tang fixed blade knife by using the stock removal method, hand forging a hidden tang blade, and crafting a knife from a pre-cut commercially available knife blank.

Learn what tools you will need, what steel is the best choice, how to profile the knives to shape,

  • Step by Step Knife Making You Can Do It, by David Boye.


  • Lockback Folding Knife: From Design to Completion

Take your knifemaking skills to the next level and create your own folding lockback knife. Illustrated instructions and more than 200 colour images detail all stages of construction, from creating a template to making the blade and locking mechanism.

With this guide you can tackle the challenging task of constructing a lockback knife and gain the skills necessary to create a lockback knife of your own design.

Spanning the gap between pre-cut and 'art' knives with step-by-step illustrated instructions for unique and beautiful knives. Learn how to make projects, or designs of your own Kitchen paring knife; Full-tang all-purpose knife; Partial-tang carving knife; Through-tang Skinner;Wilderness knife; Forged camp knife; Kitchen chopper; One-blade pocket knife; Lockback folding knife; Damascus steel dagger.

  • Knifecraft: A Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide to the Art of Knife Making, by Sidney Latham.

Artists share the step-by-step techniques of their knife making specialities using wood, steel, ivory and silver, with topics ranging from simple knife to sheath making to knife decor

You don't need to spend a fortune to start making fantastic knives. Noted knife maker Wayne Goddard provides outstanding step-by-step instructions for making your own tools, finding the right steel and forging, grinding and heat-treating knives on a budget.

Wonderfully illustrated with full-colour photography, Goddard's book guides you through the knifemaking process from start to finish and even includes a budget breakdown showing everything you need is available to bargain prices. Goddard even explains and demonstrates the making of wire Damascus blades with the simplest of tools.

Wayne Goddard's $50 Knife Shop is a fine companion volume to Goddard's book The Wonder of Knife making and provides all the details you need to start making knives on a budget.

  • A Modern Guide to Knife making: Step-by-step instruction for forging your own knife from expert bladesmiths, including making your own handle, sheath and sharpening

In A Modern Guide to Knife making, celebrated survivalist Laura Zerra provides you with step-by-step instructions on making your own knives. We all use a knife almost everyday, but for well-known survivalist Laura Zerra her very life often depends on the blade she takes with her into the wild.

She's learned about what works and what doesn't, what steel will hold an edge, and what nuances in blade design will make or break a knife. In A Modern Guide to Knife making, Zerrra shares all the tips and tricks shes learned to make her own knife, including step-by-step instructions for both forging and stock removal.

  • Bladesmithing: 8-in-1 Bladesmithing Compendium to Make Knives and Swords From Simple Tools

Do you want to make your first knife but don't know where to start? Are you worried that you will need a lot of tools to get started? Have you made your first knife, a few maybe, but you feel like you could improve and expand your bladesmithing skills?

IWes Sander, will share the secrets of making knives and swords using simple tools. I have put all my knowledge inside this bundle. So you get all that you need to know about making knives all in one place.

  • Knife Talk: The Art and Science of Knife Making, by Ed Fowler

A compilation of Ed Fowler's most memorable articles from Blade magazine, this new volume is sure to be treasured by anyone who appreciates the value and beauty of a good blade. More than 200 photos, 20 in colour, demonstrate the knife making process and showcase the inspiring products of master bladesmiths.

Anyone who has ever searched for good custom blades knows that they are hard to find. Stop wasting time looking for that perfect blade and The Complete Bladesmith will show you how to take a bar of steel and forge it into the blade of your dreams.

This guide to smithing world-class blades is for the novice and experienced bladesmith alike. With this book you will be able to build your own forge, equip your workshop, choose your materials from the exotic to the mundane, and get to work.

You’ll jump at the chance to heat the steel, bending, twisting, folding, cutting, and stretching it. Finally, you’ll put the perfect grind on the new blade; fit the softest, hardest, or the most exotic wood to the grip; and slip your blade into your handmade sheath.

This advanced study of steel reveals forging secrets that for centuries have been protected by guilds. Never-before-seen instructions, diagrams and photos explain the tricks behind using Japanese mokume gane, differential heat treating, power hammers, and other techniques to make kukris, wavy blades, spears and swords that bear the master's mark.

Pattern-welded blades are among the most beautiful and durable creations ever to emerge from the bladesmith’s forge. Now, Jim Hrisoulas, author of the hugely successful The Complete Bladesmith and The Master Bladesmith, reveals the secrets of this ancient craft, from the welding of the starting billet to the final assembly of the completed blade.

Hrisoulas shares his years of experience forging basic, precise patterns and the more stunning complex designs so that any bladesmith with the desire to learn this demanding yet immensely satisfying skill can produce blades that are both intriguing works of art worthy of any collection and sturdy workpieces fit for any task.

A technical study of the famous Damascus steel featuring Persian and Indian sword blades from 1600-1800 as well as Damascus gun barrels from the 17th and 18th centuries. A classic guide to the most artistic of metalwork. 138 b&w photos and 28 color photos; 8.75 x 11.25.

  • My Way: This Book Teaches a Unique Method of Making a Framelock or Locking Liner Folding Knife Developed by a Toolmaker.

This book teaches knife makers how to make a framelock folding knife.

Follow easy instructions on how to make a folding knife. Includes safety tips, suppliers lists, and answers many questions from three top custom makers.

What is heat treatment? This book describes heat treating technology in clear, concise, and non theoretical language. It is an excellent introduction and guide for design and manufacturing engineers, technicians, students, and others who need to understand why heat treatment is specified and how different processes are used to obtain desired properties.

The Second Edition has been extensively updated and revised by Jon L. Dossett, who has more than forty years of experience in heat treating operations and management. The update adds important information about new processes and process control techniques that have been developed or refined in recent years.

Helpful appendices have been added on decarburization of steels, boost/diffuse cycles for carburizing, and process verification.

This edition is a complete revision and contains a great deal of new subject matter including information on ferrous powder metallurgy, cast irons, ultra high strength steels, furnace atmospheres, quenching processes, SPC and computer technology. Data on over 135 additional irons and steels have been added to the previously-covered 280 alloys.

Each data sheet gives the chemical composition of the alloy, a listing of similar U.S. and foreign alloys, its characteristics, and the recommended heat treating procedure. Most of the compilation goes much further and offers a wide variety of additional heat treating data such as representative micrographs, iso thermal transformation diagrams, cooling transformation diagrams, tempering curves and data on dimensional change.

Aiding you are over 800 figures, 450 micrographs, a glossary of selected heat treating terms and general engineering data.

Universally recognised as "The Bible of The Cutting Edge", this book belongs in the library of anyone who is serious about sharpening. Written by Guinness world record holder John Juranitch, it contains all the knowledge and insights gained during his more than 40 years in the sharpening industry.

The 145 page book is crammed with photos, illustrations and cutting edge secrets you won't find anywhere else. Its 14 chapters cover topics like how to choose a knife, sharpening theories and applications, steeling, using a hone and much, much more. You'll get answers to the most asked questions.

You'll learn the truth about common myths like why you should never use oil on a hone. And you'll get the insights necessary to put a great edge on knives, axes, fish hooks, arrowheads, chain saws and other tools. It's a history, a handbook, a reference manual that is the simplest, most complete way to give yourself a razor edge on sharpening.

A magnificent, deluxe book with nearly 1400 photos, drawings and designs. Many are concerned with gun engraving but the techniques can be universally applied. This is an instant classic on which no effort was spared. This beautiful book gives you complete instruction in the art of engraving.

The author spent seven years creating this unsurpassed resource for hand engraving. It is a supremely unique book, for not only does it sweep aside the mystery which has surrounded engraving through the centuries, but it factually, simply and in layman's terms tells you how to engrave.

Unlike so many so-called "instruction manuals", The Art of Engraving does not assume you know anything about engraving.

You start at the beginning by learning to draw scrolls and layouts, then cut practice plates until you are sure enough of your ability to actually proceed to designing a pattern, transferring it to your piece and cutting it into the steel.

Whether you want to learn to engrave now . . . think you might like to in the future . . . or simply wish to broaden your knowledge of the art to be able to better judge the work of others (as you will learn to tell the good from the bad - and know why), this is the book for you. Every gunsmith, blade smith, metal smith or craftsman - no matter what his other calling - has the soul of an artist.

This personal, creative urge can be easily directed into the highly remunerative field of engraving through the coaching, no-nonsense instructions and technical support in The Art of Engraving.. Hundreds of original engravings, designs and layouts by the author (plus samples from other master engravers) to explain specific points and techniques. 208 extremely handsome 8" x 11" pages.

Over 1378 photographs, drawings, designs, layouts and illustrations. Deluxe, hardbound cloth covers. Bound a special way to lie flat. Printed on finest, dull-finished, coated paper available.

Looks at the history of knives and their uses and includes photographs and descriptions of custom knives from both the United States and Europe.


  • Jantz Knife Making supplies, This is great site it has everything for knife makers of all skill levels.

Measuring Equipment

  • Mitutoyo Absolute 500 Series Digital Caliper, Stainless Steel, Metric, for Depth/Inside/Outside/Step Measurements, 0-300 mm, 1
  • Mitutoyo Digit Outside Micrometer, 1
  • Mitutoyo Digit Outside Micrometer, Ratchet Stop, Metric, 0-25 mm, 1